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Anchor River Rec Area Bridge Closed

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  • Anchor River Rec Area Bridge Closed

    came down Sunday night to fish steelhead, paved road across bridge is now closed, you can still get there but need to take that old hwy that you would take to go to homer if you left the rec area and went south. lots of road construction from russian river to almost sterling with pilot car.

    I caught only 1 steelhead and 2 dollies today. didn’t see any silvers, big tide tonight and didn’t see any fish roll down in the tidal area, I did see 4-5 steelies swim by close to the bank after an hour of tide going out. more fisherman today than fish, guided parties early this am😎

    water is is very low and clear, caught a lot of moss on bead hook today. scenery was spectacular, cook inlet, calm like glass and not a boat on the water.

    northern lights out tonight and tomorrow night.

    going to try deep creek today.

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