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    Originally posted by greyinggrayling View Post
    Ship Creek... called The Ditch for a reason.

    Entry and exit can be difficult. Especially if you're not paying close attention to the tide and suddenly you're stuck in the mud. Local fire department has been called out before for rescues. The mud sucks you down before you realize you are stuck.

    It's dirty. And cluttered. You may trip over people's lines who sit in lawn chairs and throw spinning rods. Cigarette smoke, and butts thrown on the ground. Bait cups and food wrappers strewn along the bankside.

    As a fly fisherman, you are accustomed to a certain amount of streamside etiquette. Don't expect it there.

    That said, I have fished there many times. But I hold my nose when I do, and worry that my car is going to get broke into while I'm there.

    It is indeed the armpit of fishing opportunities.
    None of that bothers me except the mud. Always have to be careful in new areas. The etiquette part is starting to be a problem here as well.


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