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Campbell Creek Silvers

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  • Campbell Creek Silvers

    It's been 15 plus years since I've been down there. Looking to take my 11 year old down there sometime. Any word on when they are in "thick as thieves"? I don't want to hunt for a sparce few, but show up at a hole for non-stop catching and releasing action for my kid. Any info would be greatly appreciated. You guys probably know who I am, I'm ol' whatshisface.

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    The only place I know of like you are referring to is the small canal before they get to Campbell Lake. I am pretty sure it is illegal now (maybe back then too), but when I was much younger we would sneak down there on our bikes and catch a few and ride back with them on our handle bars. I just remember hundreds of silvers swimming back and forth in that canal with no where to go until high tide.

    As for the creek itself, I have caught silvers in there in the past, but never without putting in a lot of scouting and work. I never did find a spot that was consistently productive...


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      I am talking about the part that is behind taco bell, on Tudor just east of Lake Otis drive. These silvers are not fresh from the sea, just pooling up and waiting to spawn. Most are pretty blushed at this point. Thanks for the response J2!


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