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1st Timer Fishing Aug 2-8 Kenai

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  • 1st Timer Fishing Aug 2-8 Kenai

    Long time reader...first time poster. I am going to be staying in Ninilchik from Aug 2-8 and have a few floats booked with a guide on Aug 5-6 but really want to learn about any available fishing opportunities in the Ninilchik area prior to my float trips. I will be bringing my own rods, etc. so no worries there and have already purchased my license online. I am very excited to try some bank fishing near Ninilchik but donít know where to start or what species will be available. Are their Hatchery Only Kings still available in the Ninilchik at that time? Really, I have never been to AK and am really trying to get as much information as possible. I am not a novice fisherman but being from Minnesota I donít get exposure to salmon/trout fishing. I have scoured the ADF&G websites for loads of great information but still have some questions. Any insights would be helpful. I have been reading and hearing from others that Swiftwater and Centennial/Rotary Park in Soldotna may be my best bet but what types/style of fishing should i prepare for?
    1. I understand some of the rivers may still hold Reds at this time and the Silvers may be starting at that time but should I concentrate on northern rivers by the Kenai or southern rivers by Homer?
    2. Is the missing adipose fin clearly defined or is this something that might be missed by someone? I am not that concerned but just want to make sure.
    3. Is the Ninilchik river an easy river to access and walk/bank fish?
    4. What are some of the rivers in the Ninilchik area that are productive during this time of year?

    What types of lures really are effective this time of year for bank fishing for salmon? Spinners, bobbers, floats and eggs

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    Also, can someone clarify something for me? Does this mean it is legal to keep a Hatchery King in the Ninilchik after July 31?
    Hatchery king salmon July 1ĖOctober 31
    20" or longer: Limits: 1 per day/1 in possession, hatchery king salmon only, recognized by the missing adipose fin and healed fin clip scar. Annual limit applies; see page 16. After taking a king salmon 20" or longer from the Ninilchik River, a person may not fish for any species in the Ninilchik River for the rest of the day.


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      Hi there. My father and I will be making our inaugural Alaska trip during the same week. I don't have a lot of info for you as I am a first timer as well. I started a similar thread in the fresh water forum a few weeks ago and go some helpful replies, you might want to check it out

      I'll keep tuned in to this thread as well for any new info. Good luck and tight lines!


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        There will still be a few reds and silvers should be picking up in soldotna you might want to go to Seward for silvers or try the homer spit lagoon


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          The Ninilchik and Deep ck will have silvers that week with the huge tides. Flies, eggs or spinners will work and these are easy rivers to walk.


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            You do realize that he went last year ?


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