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  • New to site, looking for fishing info

    My wife and her mom and dad are coming up to AK in early August. We are renting an RV and will be travelling as far north as Denali and as far south as the Kenai peninsula. Our plan is to sight-see and get some fishing in. If you would be so kind, please share some info on likely places to fish and lures that we should look into once we are there. Pixies and Vibrax seem to come up alot in my research and I did read an article about bead fishing . We will be limited in tackle as we will be flying and traveling without rods (we will be renting when we get there).

    I also put a thread on the "Alaska by Road" forum concerning GPS units which work well in AK. If you have any suggestions on good auto and/or handheld GPS units that work, please advise.

    I very much appreciate any info that you can provide.

    Best of Luck to you and yours,
    Tom Brissee
    Proctor, MN

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    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the site! Sorry it took so long to get back with you; I've been out dip netting and just saw your post.
    A couple of great books to get you started on this; check out the Highway Angler. It contains tons of locations, techniques and tackle. Great resource. Another is Alaska Fishing. Lots of info there on different species and areas, plus rigging. One of the best books out there on fishing Alaska.

    It might be worth your while to hire a guide for a day on the upper Kenai River. August offers some great rainbow and Dolly Varden fishing there, and you will know what tackle works and such. Then you could go on your own. You would do well to rent a raft to float the upper river.

    Take care,

    Michael Strahan
    Site Owner
    Alaska Hunt Consultant
    1 (406) 662-1791


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