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Questions about use of body-mounted stringers when standing in the river dipnetting

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  • Questions about use of body-mounted stringers when standing in the river dipnetting

    I've never used one of those big stringers so excuse my ignorance on this subject:

    - Can anyone go over the sequence of steps necessary to bonk a fish successfully without him getting away when you're standing in waist or deeper water? Take the worst case scenario, where there's another dipper 3 feet to your left and also to your right, and you're running a big 5' hoop on a big 30' pole.

    - And doesn't this scenario make the age old "Which way do I turn the net?" question even more important? Is the answer always to turn the top of your net towards the open water seas (not towards inland)??

    I've wanted to take the step of going to a big stringer, but these were my doubts about doing so.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The operation is simple, actually.

    Step one: Push/pull the net rapidly after getting the hit - this will tangle up the fish so as not to escape.

    Step two: Pull the net to you (after backing up a few steps if your in deep)

    Step three: Watch your handle behind you while you tuck it under your arm-pit and give the fish a good whack. Don't kill it, just take the fun out of it.

    Step four: Thread the fish on your stinger by putting the pin through the gills and out the mouth. Then thread the stringer pin on the two inch "d" ring on your belt. Then insert your index finger on the opposite gillrakers and hook them, then twist rapidly... this will bleed the fish out and give you better quality meat.

    Step five: Rinse and repeat until you get about 30 sockeye (I've not managed to put any more than that on one stringer).

    Step six: The fish are buoyant, so make sure that you remove your belt just before the surf line as you get out and then give it a big tug to beach them for cleaning.

    Step seven: Drink a beer and admire the other folks that are getting out for every fish.

    Step eight: Pull out a $20 bill and shoulder-tap the largest teenage kid and pay them to haul your cooler(s) up to the road.
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      I think you are going to find each person will have their own techniques that suit them best. In the picture you can see were the fish is gripped behind the head and bonked before it is put on the stringer. I have seen were some use the 8" long aluminum rod on one of Brands of stringer to start it through gills and did the bonking while its still on the rod. Have also see were they use a ice pick or knife and poke them in the brain. Heck I have seen some beat the snot out of them while still in the net. (Had to be tourist’s lol). I would also like hear others thought on this. Thank you Del
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        Hold your place bonking/extraction/retention method

        Absolutely the superior method at the Kasilof, ebb or flood, high or low. Saves you from slogging through the muck and losing your spot.

        I don't recommend a stringer, especially at the Kasilof, since the jaws are soft and will tear through after a while. Use a small net bag with draw line at the opening.

        Check out this post with graphics from last year for the details of Common and Alternate methods:

        Dipnetting Techniques

        Preferred method is the Alternate.



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          I think I know him

          Originally posted by fnsakdel View Post
          In the picture you can see were the fish is gripped behind the head and bonked before it is put on the stringer.

          Hey, that guy is no tourist I think he lives in MY neighborhood!

          If anyone else has pictures or descriptions of how to best do this, please post'm up. While I'm a pretty happy shore dipper as I do it now, I'm thinking about taking this new step this year.


          Great step by step description, though I get a little stutter going on at step 7. Maybe its ok to rinse and repeat that one too?


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