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  • Lesson learned from SCUBA diving

    A few years ago I strapped on the tanks and took a dip in Willow Creek, down where it dumps into the Susitna. I noticed that there were a LOT of salmon in there (it was on a weekday when nobody was fishing), but what really caught my attention was that many of the fish would lay in holes along the bottom. It didn't have to be much of a hole either; just a couple inches deeper than the surrounding area was enough. I believe the holes offer less resistance to the fish as they swim upstream, therefore these areas collect fish.

    I believe this is the reason why some dipnetters have better success than others. Fish the holes when you can find them, and your chances for success go way up.

    I know many of you already know this, but I thought it was interesting to actually see it happening underwater.

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    Too bad you didn't have a video camera down there with you. That would be neat to see!!

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      Originally posted by Michael Strahan

      I believe the holes offer less resistance to the fish as they swim upstream, therefore these areas collect fish.


      Good theory. As a veteran cold water diver, I can tell you one is supposed to swim close to the bottom in heavy tidal currents. Resitance is less.


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        I have always fished the same spot year after year at chitina on almost the same day of the year.It is one of those spots that you can only fish one way put your net out to far you snagged on a rock and lost your net to close you did not catch any fish. But if you sweaped just right about 10 feet from shore you can feel this boulder that makes a pocket about 6inches deep "the sweet spot" 6 out of 10 times you have a red. My dad and I always wonderd what that spot looked like. So one year in August on our way back from Vadez we swung by to see what it looked like with lower water. Our sweet spot was high and dry my a good 12 feet. So like all good farmers we desided it would be a good idea to improve our hole so we got rid of the net stealing rock and dug the pocket out a little.That was 5 years ago now when we go down to fish the copper we always spend the first few hours fishing our hole with the same results. No fish not even a bump.What we thought would make our hole great ruined it. The net stealing rock that I cursed so many times was are best freind after all or did we just dig the pocket to deep. I may never know the one thing I do know is if I am ever down there again when the water is low I'm moving the rock back!! Horse


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          That's funny. Bizarre what the other rock is about. When you put it back, set-up some mini bear kegs too. Maybe a sign that says "Fresh Fish Girls".


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