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  • Copper river access...

    At Chitina I normally ride down the road Past O'brien to the Haley Creek. I see its deemed illegal access this year. Has anything changed or is it still ride at your own risk??
    Anybody hear anything?
    Thanks, Frank
    Proud to be an American!

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    No chitina info here??

    Nobody has any info to share? Many folks use the area, I'd figure there would be some knowledge base here...
    Proud to be an American!


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      Access to Chitina

      Years ago, I believe 2002 a slide happened which temporaily closed the road, they opened it back up again that year but then closed it again. Now it is closed, a go at your own risk sign is up. Few folks drive the road, and some ATV but full size truck are not very common, but plan on see a few people with full size vehicles. Saw a minivan accross the slide in 2004 (crazy). ATV still OK in my mind but you could always be the person who gets stuck on the other side if a slide happens. More folks taking the charters, and then the native folks have posted some of the areas where the road is a distance from the river. Still fun and still Dipable.



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        Originally posted by fullkurl
        At Chitina... I see its deemed illegal access this year??

        I maybe reading the pamplet incorrectly (dated April 2006), but access isn't illegal it's just somewhat limited. From the document I'm looking at, it looks like access IS legal past O'Brien Creek all along the road EXCEPT at roughly milepost 4.73 and 6.11.

        It looks to me like Fish & Game has the time to carefully mark the road to help insure that dipnetters only access public property.



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