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  • price of dip nets

    Where is the cheapsest place to buy a round dip net to use from a boat?
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    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK

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    If you want cheap, you can't beat building your own. A pipe bender, a section or two of 1/2" conduit, a piece of closet rod and a gilnet can be had for $50-60.
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      Thanks I might give it a try to build one this winter. Nothing else to do
      Living the Alaskan Dream
      Gary Keller
      Anchorage, AK


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        Cheap or Good?

        I've made quite a few net systems - mostly for the beach. I broke down this year and bought a boat net from Mike at Mike's Welding in Sterling.

        I call it the PFM net...Pure Magic.

        i have NO association with the vendor - just impressed with his work.
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          Second that. . .

          What KenaiMike said. . . nor do we have any connection with the vendor.

          Good stuff. . .


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            what is the price of a dipnet from them.

            also i have a pipebender but have not looked much at a dipnet. i have a welder and all of that goodstuff. is there a way to make one that breaks down with pins but is still sturdy. any info on building one and what materials would be very helpful. thanks vance
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              Mike's Welding in Sterling is the place to go. I believe it was $70 for a 5' hoop, about double that with a 8'? handle. I don't know if there is a special or different net to use from a boat though.



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                Mike has several different styles as well as a few others down on the Kenai; you really can't beat building one yourself tho; the feeling you get and satisfaction you derive from making one and cathching fish with it is unmatched to any net that you can purchase.

                Build you own net boat net:

                cut 1" copper pipe into 4-18" long sections

                fill the sections with aerosol insulation (gives some floatation but adds rigidity to the copper)
                - you can connect it with poprivets or you can solder them together, if you solder - do it outside and wear a mask!

                connect all section with elbows - except for one section, cut it in half and put a "t" fitting there

                make your handle about 6' long and make sure you put an elbow or tee on the end of it to give you something to grab/hold onto.

                If you're ever dipping from the beach get a Kenai Keeper from Trustworthy Hardware in Soldotna; you can stack about 30 reds on it without leaving the water.
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                  About the only limiting factor in building a dip net is your imagination. You'll see almost countless variations on the hoop and handle theme - hoop size, (max dimension is 5') handle length, (no limit) and materials .

                  I find a 4' hoop to be nearing the max for boat usage. Bigger than that it becomes unwieldy.

                  The MW nets are welded Al and in my experience outcatch all others.
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                    My apologies to anyone that was offended by my post above referring to those nets as a particular type of magic.

                    I did not exceed the bounds of decency intentionally.
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                      The only net to use in my opinion for maximum fish yield is the net Mikes Welding sells. Bar none in my opinion my favorite.

                      I call it the ring of death. We have fished those nets side by side with our own home made ones many times. For some reason the ring of death always prevails with more fish.

                      Well worth the money. Especially if you don't live down there and every fish is precious for you on a per trip basis.


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                        PFM/make own, maybe

                        KenaiMike: Nothing terribly wrong w/ PFM. If people know what goes in the middle, then you said nothing new. If they don't, then you said nothing. I have made many nets out of a 12' x 1/2" solid aluminum. Yes, they are a tad heavier than tubing, but it has never killed me and anyone can bend it. I made a jig on a piece of plywood and can bend a new net in several minutes. BTW: A boat net, IMHO, should not be round. The end should be flat so you have more net on the bottom. j


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                          Watch craigslist

                          I picked up a kenai and a copper river net with both boat and shore handles for $100.


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                            The nets MW are building these days are not made of round tubing anymore. They are made of an oval shaped material with an internal cross section for strength. really a nice setup. I don't recall what I paid, 2 yrs. ago. Maybe 180$ a-piece.


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                              I bought my two nets at Mikes' and have used them hard for 4 years.....hard to beat em. Don't remember the price but they weren't cheap.


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