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  • Kasilof South Bank

    This afternoon I took the dog for a walk down the beach on the south side of the Kasilof (off Cohoe Loop). Near the Mouth, a sign has been placed setting the personal use area. In the past people have dipnetted beginning near the parking area where the access road ends. It seems to me this will create a very crowed situation especially on weekends. Has something changed that I'm not aware of???

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    What agency details the sign, in little letters at the end?

    Dude, I am th founder of the south-central alaska dipnetters association,(SCADA), This is the first I have heard of this and normally a fellow member will give me a heads up. I will try to contact fish and game down there and see if they are the culbrits. Thanks for the heads up!! Ken , Alaskadipnetting.com
    If a dipnetter dips a fish and there is no one around to see/hear it, Did he really dip? ALASKADIPNETTING.NET


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      Sound suspiciously like the response to last summer's confusion over the delineation between PU setnet area and the dipnet area.
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        Don't think its very clear

        I don't think the boundaries are very clear. Did anyone find anything out from Soldotna Fish and Game? I tried two years ago, but the Comm Fish guy never called me back (the PU regs refer to Comm Fish boundaries). If someone continued to dipnet near the access road, and got a ticket, I wonder what the judge would say?? Would be good to know the exact regulation, GPS coordinates, whatever. Sometimes the fish don't hit exactly at the mouth. Good luck with getting anything out of Fish and Game!!


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          Clear Now

          The new sport fish reg book has different maps that show the Kasilof dip net and set net area. The maps match what is written this year. So you can't dip net anywhere near the access road.


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