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Kenai boat dipping

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  • Kenai boat dipping

    This was my 1st yr boat dipping the Kenai. I've shore dipped for many years and noticed alot of fish going thru 1-2hrs after high tide at the mouth.

    Can anyone give me an idea how long after high tide at the mouth, that the bulk of the fish move thru the boat dipping area across from the cannery? I think I'm spending alot of non-productive time dipping. Thank you very much...John

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    I can't imagine that it's much different. The boat-dipping area is only a few hundred yards upstream, so that should only be a matter of minutes for the fish. Incidentally, although tide does have an effect, I don't think it's as clear as some think. I've seen people kill 'em at low tide as well. If you spent non-productive time dipping this year, it was likely just because of an overall lack of fish. Few people did well this year, with the exception of a very limited number of days.



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      Thanks Brian


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        There is really no difference. Like BM said boats are only a few hundreds yards away.
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          I tipically start dipping 2-3 hours after high tide. In a good year I'll limit in 3 hours. In a slow year I'll tip until low tide, or until I'm just too beat. I dip from the shore, and this was a slow year for me. I've never worked so hard for 10 fish.
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            I think it depends on where in the boat area you are dipping as it extends from the city dock upstream to the Ames bridge - about 5 miles length.

            I've caught fish from high slack tide to the turn after low.
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