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  • Fish Creek

    When was the last time this was open to dipping? How was the catch?

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    long, long ago....

    it's been many years now. Catch used to be good.

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      I fished it one of the last years it was open, fisherment outnumbered fish about 10 to 1.

      It has been more than worth my effort to drive to Kenai or Chitna.
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        Fish Creek dipnetting

        The last time I went was around '98 - '99 timeframe. I haven't heard of Fish Creek opening up for dipnetting for several years now. ADF&G still talks about it each year and looks at the fish counts. I agree with Paul. To me it's well worth the drive from Palmer to Copper River. No guarantees (timing is EVERYTHING!), but the last three years we were basically in and out in a day with a ton of fish.


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          fish creek

          It has been many years. For some reason this fishery basicaly vanished. 25 years ago you were allowed to snag them at the mouth using a lead and hook. The fishing was always great although the mud was bad. I guess this is just another example of somthing be mis managed and now it is gone!


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            That place is right down the road from me and I miss dipnetting there. Many fond memories. The last time that it was open a friend and myself in his small boat brought in over 60 fish. It took about 6 hours to fillet them that day.


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