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    How is everyone doing at both the Kenai and Kasilof?

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    8/4-8/5 Kenai report

    Great question. I fished the midnight high tide last night (the morning of the 5th of August), and only caught one fish; the smallest red I've ever seen. There were fish jumping here and there, but it was really slow. Fished the low slack this morning and picked up five more, but after about 10am it died off and nobody was catching anything. I pulled stakes and left for Anchorage about 3pm.

    Still beats mowing the lawn though! It was a very nice day down there.

    On the way home I stopped by the canoe rental place and introduced myself to Max (Alaskacanoe). He's got quite an operation there; if you're looking for a canoe or raft to get on the water for a day, he has them for rent there, and he has a very nice, wooded RV park as well. I don't know for sure, but I'd bet he could give some pretty good current advice on local fishing conditions too. I also saw a big freezer there, so I think he can freeze your fish?

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      Went dipping to the south side of the Kenai Saturday. Got there about noon as the tide was coming in. It was the slowest I have ever seen for several hours. Once the tide turned and was headed out it picked up some. However I would not say it ever got good. It was Fair at best. Caught more humpies than reds. Some people were letting the pinks go, but most were desperate enough to keep them. I kept some to try smoking.
      It was a lot of work for the six reds I ended up with. It would have been easier and a lot more fun to rod and reel them upstream. The commercial guys were out in force.


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        Went Dipnetting on the kenai saturday night at the start of the incoming tide the fish were really starting to hit the river. we had a great time and come home with our limits.


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          All Reds?

          Did you get mostly reds or were there pinks as well? And on the incoming tide you say?


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