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  • Kasilof over the weekend

    Arrived at Kasilof 4 pm Friday (July 21). Commercial boats were fishing and set nets were out, but I expected to see that because I'd called the hotline (number on front of regs booklet) before I let for Kasilof. Opening was scheduled until around 9 pm and that's when they pulled their nets. With the exception of about a 2-hour break at low tide, I dipnetted 4 pm until 4 am Saturday and got 17. And I was one of the lucky ones. Slept 5 am until 9 am and waited for the tide to come in. Was about ready to start dipnetting again when I saw all the commercial boats rushing out of the river to begin fishing again. I called the hotline and it hadn't been updated since Thursday and said nothing about the opening. So much for depending on the hotline. Started dipnetting at 11 am and stopped at 4 pm (commercial boats still in water) and got 2 more. So 19 fish in 15 hours. That's pretty bad. But hey, it was something.

    As was expected with the Kenai closing, both sides of the Kasilof were packed.

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    Was there about 2 tides before you. 26 in 6 hours. Others did better. I think this was one of the few times the Kasilof paid off this season.



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