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Homemade dipnet - Copper Tubing

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  • Homemade dipnet - Copper Tubing

    I went dipnetting this weekend for the first time and used a dipnet borrowed from a friend. It was a commercial net bought here in Anchorage (won't say from where). Although it seemed ok, I thought it was very heavy and difficult to control in the current. I think I would prefer one that had a t-handle or some other manageable handle for control.

    Many people down there were using ones obviously homemade from copper tubing. I talked to one guy who had one and he said be sure to use the 95/5 solder (95% solder silver I believe). I forgot to ask what size copper tubing he was using. His were octagon shaped. I might try to do a rectangle shape but the octagon looked good too.

    So my question is, what size copper tubing is used for these? Also, for those that say "just go by one from . . . they are the best," I am usually the type to do just that. But, because the Kenai was closed and so the Kasilof was super crowded, people got rude, and all the commercial boats were on the water and so no fish were in, I don't feel the need to spend big bucks on any contraption right now. Basically, it sucked, but I see how it "could" be fun in the right circumstances. Until that time comes, I'd prefer to do it on a tighter budget. Thanks in advance.
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    I used the regular 1/2 inch rigid copper tubing with 45-degree elbows for an octagon. I used regular plumbing solder and closet rod for a handle. I have been using it for six years with no trouble. I made it almost as large as is legal. If I were to do it again I would make it slightly smaller. It catches fish just as good as the "professional" nets at a fraction of the cost. Be sure to use the gill-net type netting though.
    Good luck


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