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Chitina in August, thanks in advance

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  • Chitina in August, thanks in advance

    Hey everyone,

    I will be back in August and am wondering what is the latest I can dipnet some reds down at Chitina.
    Or any other area. Trying to get a bunch in the freezer before it is too late!!
    Thanks for the infor.


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    Mid August was good...

    Last year two of us went down around the 12th of the month and did real well... 50+ fish in 2 hrs. (Proxy) Just like any other time, it is hit and miss.
    When all else fails...ask your old-man.



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      Chitna should be good thru August, the 2nd run of reds (bigger fish) will be in so the dipping will be good and the kings should be about gone so you wont have any 60 lb suprises in your net, there will probably be a few silvers to get too.


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        just got back and it was great

        Just got back from a weekend at chitna dippnetting and we limited out with 5 guys in about 4-5 hours of fishing. had 2 triples and a bunch of doubles and 3 kings. one @ 56 lbs.
        Furthermore I just realized that I should have posted this in the dippnetting forum.
        will post there too
        Fish early in the AM or late in the evening. Or both
        We use a boat and run the shore just above the cut off sign accross from Haleys creek.
        Saw some kids almost loose a 4 wheeler in Haleys creek it only had the handlebars sticking out before someone realized it was in the water.


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