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  • Octogon Net Measurements

    This year the kids and I want to make an octogon net out of PVC and 45 dergree elbows, will that work? I have spent the most of the day trying to figure out on paper how long each side should be. I guess I was wrong when I said I will never need all that advanced math stuff back when I was in school.

    Any help out there?


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    pvc net...

    I finally broke down and bought a net from Mikes welding in Sterling and couldn't be happier! Cost 170$ for the beach net, 6foot T-handle and 10 foot extention...5 foot hoop with 4 1/2" gill net...
    I think you will be disappointed with pvc, lots of resistance in the current, and I have seen them explode into pieces after limited use...just my 2 cents


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      Octagon Formula

      .414 x size of octagon = piece length .414 x 60 = 24.84 - the takeoff of a PCV 45, Probably somewhere around 22" would be my guess. You can dry fit it just to make sure though. It would suck to get a ticket over a 1/4".
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        MEGA Thank You's Happy for the math lesson, I can't wait to get started, I'll cut each piece short by half an inch to keep it under the limit. I like doing stuff with the kids that help them really see the importance of what they are learning in school. This will be a cool little project for us, I hope you don't mind if I take the credit for "knowing" how to figure it out, it's hard competing with video game designers for cool points. Anyways thank you so much for sharing the knowledge.

        Thanks for the advice JDM, I can nickle and dime the war department all day long for PVC but she just won't go for the high cost stuff, plus it will be a fun project for the kids. Someday I'll be out there with the big boys.

        Thanks again,


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          I bent mine out of 1/2" conduit, tried to get it 24" on a side, and the biggest distance is just shy of 5'. I'm far from an expert at bending. That net has accounted for at least 200 fish. No need to spend big coin on a commercial net. I did replace the gilnet this year, as I had a few holes. Took the old net, cut it in 1/2, and put the mesh on my landing net so my kids will have a net to use this year.
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            I would go a little short than needed. I built an octagon last year out of copper tubing and your octagon will flex when pressed down on. You never know how a conservation officer will "measure" your hoop. It's better to err on the side of coming up short when the hoop is put under pressure. FWIW, my copper pieces measure out at 22 & 1/4" apiece.


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