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    How do you clean them?

    Originally posted by Paul H
    As far as eathing them, I've had them smoked and they are pretty good. I'd think they'd also be prime candidates for canning...

    I've never dipnetted hooligan, but I heard there are some tricks to cleaning them. How do you do it?

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      We used to...

      set up an assembly line. First person would open the belly, second would take off the head, third would scrape em all out and rinse. Some people don't even bother cleaning, eat em whole! Thats a little hard core for me though. Rolling them in flour or cornmeal then pan frying them like small rainbows was our favorite way of cooking. We would fry them up pretty crispy to balance out the oiliness.

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        hooligan vs. herring

        I've heard that herring work lots better than hooligan for halibut. If hooligan worked, I'd be one of the first dipnetting them so I could save lots on bait. I think herring have more scent than hooligan, but then again I've never smelled a hooligan.


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          Hooligan for bait

          I've caught all sizes of halibut in PWS on hooligan. I just give them a quick shot or two with a syringe with herring oil. They're much more bony then herring and really stay on the hook much better.

          Also as far as the regs go, and this is directly from a F&G agent, hooligan fall under a personal use fishery-just like dipnetting reds. So you can use them for just about anything as long as it's not commercial in nature. You can feed them to your cats if you wanted, it doesn't matter as long as it remains in your family. Completely legit for use as bait in any situation.


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            Originally posted by wildog
            ....Does anyone know if these are good bait for Halibut or salmon?...
            I know of one friend that uses them for halibut, but herring works much better. He does it just to save money by not buying bait.

            I doubt they'd work on salmon very well at all.

            They are great bait while ice fishing for pike and burbot.


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              One idea I had

              I really like King Oscar brisling, and I note that they don't bother cleaning them. Instead they let them stew in the net for awhile while still in the ocean, and apparently their digestive tracts are so fast that after half an hour or so they've self-cleaned. Now I know those are a lot smaller than hooligan, but I've been thinking about trying something like that the next time I go out just to see how it works. Maybe shift them over to a holding pen in the shallows before hauling them in.


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                Originally posted by Salmonslammer
                Curious to know what you bait the salmon heads for????

                Best way I've found to eat smelt is to deep fry them in drakes mix....and use beer instead of H2O. Seems to me the smaller ones make better eating.
                Halibut bait. Good in that you only get the bigger but's, little ones can't get them in their mouths.

                I'd much rather jig than fish bait, but bait has it's uses, and it's a good idea to have a few bait options when the standby's aren't catching.
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                  I have to agree with Paul

                  Jig fishing for halibut is the way to go. However, I have found my hook-ups increase substantially when some other people on the boat are fishing with bait. I think the bait scent helps to draw the halibut in. Couple that with the action provided by the jigs and the halibut just can't help themselves.

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                  PS I have often wondered the same thing about the hooligan's effectiveness as halibut bait. Although I have never actually used a hooligan as bait, after jigging with one of those 'needlefish' (wilson darts), which are supposed to imitate the candlefish or hooligan I couldn't keep the fish off of my line. Granted they weren't always the largest fish, but a number of times we would pick up 40 lbers on those little jigs. Our best to date on a 'needlefish' jig is 90 lbs.


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                    Having other folks on the boat reeling up the cannon balls and leaving a scent field whiling jigging with a 6-12 oz jig is definately my idea of how to fish for halibut
                    Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

                    If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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                      I went to 20 mile this morning and caught two buckets full in about 15 min. They are in thick! Yesterday I was down there and it did not look so hot. Now I have to many fish to process. Has any one froze them whole, and how did they taste? I am going to save some whole ones for bait but I have more than I will use for bait. I have a 5 gal. bucket full that I can't process today. Do I just leave them in the fridge and process them tomorrow? Any Ideas?


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                        I froze some whole 2 years ago, then thawed out a package the other night and gutted them, fried 'em, broiled 'em, and enjoyed them immensely.



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                          many freez whole and eat whole, head, guts, n'l. if anything, more nutritious. the eggs is favorite of me and many.


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                            Holy thread revival, Batman....

                            We freeze 'em whole. Cook them that way, too. Some people just think that's gross, so it's kind of a personal preference thing, but the eggs and sperm are some of the best parts.


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                              Ijust smoked up about 100 of these little guys. They taste great. What I'm wondering is if I can make some sort of dip/spread out of them. If anybody has a good recipe, please share.


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                                Where is the 20 mile area, lol. I drove past the back end of Turnigan arm on my way to Whittier the end of May to go bear hunting and saw a bunch of people dipping. Is there any place in the valley to chase them? Any place on the Big Su that a person without a boat can get them? If anyone in the Valley ends up with a gallon or two to many hooligan I would be glad to help them out

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