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Where to buy a Dip net?

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  • Where to buy a Dip net?

    Hey fellas,
    Trying get into dip netting this year..any help in locating one would be much appreciated. Thanx. Also any advice on where to go and what type to buy.

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    Love the picture, plankton!

    As for buying dipnets, there are a number of options. There was a thread on this recently titled "The Dipnet Guy" that you might want to look at - apparently he makes great nets at a decent cost. As for me, I bought mine last year at Sportsman's Warehouse. I've gotta say, I watched others using 20+ different net styles last year at the mouth of the Kenai, and I was extremely pleased with the net I bought. The handle made it easy to control, it was long enough, had the max. size net opening, etc. It seemed like a much better design than some of the home-spun models. I'm not sure if they're selling the same one this year or not, though.

    As for where to go, etc., read through all of the threads here. That'll give you some idea of what to expect in the different locations. The Kenai and Kasilof rivers are probably better bets for a first-timer than the Copper River, plus they're closer to your location. Apparently the Kasilof is already heating up, with the traditional good dipping on the Kenai about 2 weeks away. Good luck!



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      Sam's Club in Fairbanks did have some of the long handled ones and also Sentry Hardware in Fairbanks.


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