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    Actually, reinstitution of the dreaded Commercial Fish Traps from the Territorial Days in places throughout the State just for this CoviCrazy summer wouldn’t be a bad call.

    No need for all the out of State Commercial Fishing permit holders and crews to travel to remote communities. Divide the income derived as a co-op amongst the fleet based on historical catch averages.

    Use the traps to fulfill the needs of the P/U & Subsistence folks. Set up disbursement locations, with bled and slush iced fish. Thus minimizing crowded fisheries.

    All while employing all the out of work locals, at the Fish Traps and the Canneries & fishing infrastructure, who don’t need the 14 day travel quarantine.
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      I'm having a hard time believing our state government could plan,approve, build, hire people, and execute a fishwheel or fish trap in the next two months.
      Possible from private Enterprise but not from our broke state government.
      It's most likely going to be dipnetting as usual with some social distancing practices thrown in.

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