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  • Copper river boat launch reports

    Looking for reports on the boat launch by the bridge. We have dip netted for years off the bank, going to give the boat dipping a try this year.
    From what I understand the launch conditions vary with water level?

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    I was there this time last week and launched just above the bridge. It all depends on the water level. If the water is high I would recommend side boards on your trailer, one person to back up the truck, and another to drive the boat onto the trailer. The best spot seems to change quickly depending on the water level so look around a little.


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      There are a couple u-tube video's of boats coming into deep creek... watch them.. I think the launch above the bridge is best dealt with this type of attitude. If you hesitate you will probably have problems. I you don't hesitate you may or may not. I've launched and retrieved the river boat some place along this beach for a number of years. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it isn't. I'm still doing it and haven't put a hole in the bottom yet, "knock on wood", have a couple rash marks though, the price you pay for 30-40 salmon, and the trailer has survived. I'm used to launching and retrieving in current. Would love to get an excavator close to a couple so called launches. Yes side boards help, often to get lined up one is almost under water and the other almost out of the water. I've floated over the submerged side board gunned it and hit the roller with the bow. Kind of interesting. A couple years I've just driven the boat back on the trailer like on the Chena. Good luck.


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