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    Hey guys,
    I am relatively new to dipnetting and am wanting to head down in the next few days to try my luck. I don't need a ton of fish for the winter (suspect a dozen or so will do) but with a wife who is 8.5 months pregnant I am only going to have time to do a day trip and fish one tide. Anybody have any pointers for me with regards to what beach to hit for quick access for a single tide? Don't mind a little walk with gear but want to be able to maximize my time in the water without getting pinned on the beach by a high tide. Two years ago I fished by the dock but it looks like that area is much more difficult to access now that they closed off the entrance by the bird watching station. Also, I would rather deal with sand than glacial mud but that isn't a deal breaker. Thanks in advance for helping out a relative rookie.

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    Call me or private message me. North Beach might just be your lucky number with such a short time span. BTW, the wife is not to touch a dipnet till she downloades. Too much at her stage... congrats roud:
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    If a dipnetter dips a fish and there is no one around to see/hear it, Did he really dip? ALASKADIPNETTING.NET


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      Next Few Days

      07/14 Mon 12:24 AM 0.11 L
      07/14 Mon 06:04 AM 24.33 H
      07/14 Mon 12:53 PM -4.84 L
      07/14 Mon 06:57 PM 23.3 H
      07/15 Tue 01:12 AM -0.26 L
      07/15 Tue 06:52 AM 23.75 H
      07/15 Tue 01:37 PM -4.0 L
      07/15 Tue 07:41 PM 23.19 H
      07/16 Wed 02:01 AM -0.1 L
      07/16 Wed 07:42 AM 22.51 H
      07/16 Wed 02:22 PM -2.49 L
      07/16 Wed 08:26 PM 22.63 H
      07/17 Thu 02:53 AM 0.5 L
      07/17 Thu 08:35 AM 20.79 H
      07/17 Thu 03:10 PM -0.49 L
      07/17 Thu 09:13 PM 21.72 H

      If you only have one day, I would not go Monday, since Sunday is a commercial opening in the expanded Kenai and Kasilof sections. There are likely to be more EO's coming, but it is what it is...

      If you drove down Monday night / early Tuesday morning, you could fish the early high tide, process your fish, shine up your gear, get some breakfast, get some more ice, take a nap, fish the evening incoming high tide, gut your fish and ice them, then blast back to town and be home by midnight Tuesday.

      Wednesday would be similar, but put you back a bit later to town.
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        Thanks. I PM'd you whop but am not sure it is going through. I am thinking about going down for the Friday morning tide. I have checked the tide tables and such and am watching the EOs. Probably hit the north beach. Do you have to trek all the way out to the ocean or is there decent fishing on that stretch of river just closest to the mouth? Also, I am 5'6" and tend to get overwhelmed by the waves. Any pointers on spots to avoid the biggest waves? Thanks.


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          PM sent. Chest waders me boy. left you a phone message as well.
          If a dipnetter dips a fish and there is no one around to see/hear it, Did he really dip? ALASKADIPNETTING.NET


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