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  • Kenai Peninsula Web Cams

    Don't know why, but at this point I can't find any web cams pointed at the mouth of the Kenai River, or at the City Dock, or Kenai Landing, or lodges along the river, or even intersections anywhere nearby the DZ. You'd think somebody would point one that way with all the traffic and whatnot...

    Just for comparison, here's a few of interest elsewhere on the KP:

    I'll probably throw in a few more for Homer, maybe Seward, etc.

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    How often are the pictures updated.


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      Depends on the cam. The Potter Marsh weigh station is fairly often. Bird Creek, Coopers Landing, Russian River, seem to be less frequent.

      The statewide portal for the AOOS Ocean Data Explorer can be found here. Outstanding site with real-time data of 20 parameters as well as web cams.


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        This is what I use for cameras. It doesnt have exactly what you are looking for but still nice.


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          Kenai Beach Web Cam

          Found one at the mouth:


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            How about a web site gr8fl ?? I looked an ran into a stone wall , SID roud:


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              Haha that's me surfcasting. Still there, no fish yet.


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                Originally posted by Sid View Post
                How about a web site gr8fl ?? I looked an ran into a stone wall , SID roud:
                Roger that...

                Web cam can be found on this view of the Alaska Ocean Observing System Real-Time Sensor Catalog.

                Location of cam:

                Position and angle:

                If they'd steer it a bit more southeast we could monitor behavior.


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