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chitna vs Glennallen fishery for boat drift dip netting

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  • chitna vs Glennallen fishery for boat drift dip netting

    Hi. Looking for experience and knowledge of choosing and fishing either of these fisheries. My friend recommends the above bridge Glennallen permit for boat drifting. He says it's not so risky and I believe he does well on harvesting. I would like some feedback on the Chitna fishery as well. I've seen the adf&g video and some youtube, but they are videos. I have a 22'ft Woolridge river boat with a 20hp 4 strome kicker. I usually fish from the Big Sue rivers and Kenai dipnet for years. I prefer Copper as its quieter but we use to dip from Hailey creek. I was thinking of launching from the bridge and head for Hailey creek and beach there and dip from shore, maybe camp there.
    Appreciate your time in sharing your knowledge and experience. Ken - Palmer Ak

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    How big a motor on your Wooldridge? Have you been with anybody experienced running the canyon? Are you watching Hem's info? They haven't been doing charters for a number of days due to dangerous conditions. Are you watching water levels?

    Copper and Kenai river conditions are not comparable. I'd go with above the bridge for the learning experience.


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      Thank you. I have a 396 stroked 351 ford that does well, but no experience on this river. I like your idea about hooking up with someone that has run the river. Yes I am tracking and waiting it out. I think I will do above bridge and then make some runs perhaps follow someone. Play it safe. Thank you gr8fl.
      I will update when we do the trip.
      I just added bunkers and guides to my trailer. I modified the trailer several years ago so the boat rides lower.


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        Roger that...good plan...some folks get stuck on the gravel bars between the Copper/Chitina confluence and O'Brien Creek. Have to really read the river.


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          here is a my 3 cents worth... if anyone is planning on getting above the bridge and dipping from shore.... you better be really good at wading through deep fast waterthe kostina river has to be crossed to fish the area above the bridge..untill the kostina drops no one is driving across it now ..


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            Akbigfoot i would suggest going on a Friday or Saturday where it would be more likely that boats would be out on the river... there is a somewhat tricky sandbar to get around.... if you lose power stay away from the piylings of the bridge boat got wrapped around like a piece of tin foil... good luck and be safe


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              There are pro/cons to both locations, your boat is certainly fine and the important thing is to make sure your equipment is maintained and in good working order. I have towed a few boats back to shore. The rule is if someone needs help you help them. A good rule no matter what, but particularly so on the Copper.

              It really is not a difficult river to run, it would not be a river I would recommend learning on, if you have reasonable skills you will do fine.

              Above the bridge has several advantages:

              The area you dip is right there, so very little transit time.
              You can keep 5 kings (verify this for 2014), this is only important if you go early enough that the kings are still running.
              You can keep a ridiculous amount of Reds, this is only important if you need a ridiculous amount of reds.

              The BAD, if the water is real high it may be difficult to get your nets down far enough.....most people dip along the rock bluff, but I have caught fish right off the sandbar.
              There are some real "net grabbers" in a few spots along the bluff, we lost a ridiculous amount of nets one year.
              There is not any fresh water handy if you plan to process then and there, if keeping whole gutted, this may not be a big deal and I am not so sure its a big deal if you are processing.....
              You may have to deal with ATHNA..which is another subject and a PITA...IMO

              Below the bridge:
              The good:
              You get a cool boat ride if you go through the canyon, which you most likely will.
              There is fresh water at Obrien and so clean up is easy.
              You can launch at Obrien
              The Chitina side of the river is certainly more relaxed in terms of parking and people are more friendly

              THE bad:
              The launch at Obrien can be dicey
              There is not a lot of room and it can get crowded

              You can launch just below the bridge on the east side and not go to Obrien Creek,
              from the bridge south just past where the Chitina comes in can be the trickiest part of the river, even then its not a big deal if you are 1/2 way decent at reading water.

              Do wear a PFD and make sure your equipment is tightened up, a couple of years ago someone w/ a big IB started having issues....I went over to help and finally he gets it started......The boat is coughing and sputtering and generally running like crap.....I thought he would go in...NO he goes back the end of the day same thing happens again and this time he did need a tow.....Its one thing to expect people to help when you have issues, its quite another to have issues and risk others because you don't take care of them......
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                Originally posted by Akgramps View Post
                There are some real "net grabbers" in a few spots along the bluff, we lost a ridiculous amount of nets one year.
                Couple of points here:
                1. Saw two gentlemen this year use small buoys tied to their nets with a length of line. When they lost a net overboard at a snag, they were able to retrieve it by motoring up to the buoy and pulling in the line.
                2. We caught a nice net on our first drift this year off of a rocky point. If you lost a nice, long-handled black fiberglass pole with D handle, backsaver grip, and rectangular net, it found a good home.


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                  Thank you for all the excellent points. I am chewing on them. Planning on next weekend or maybe this. Been using boat often this year so know her well, I believe.
                  I'm considering beaching at Hailey creek and fishing there. I will write up my trip when done.
                  BTW I've towed a boat once on the big sue and first mistake was not giving enough lead on the tow and almost swamping the open scif. My Son quickly paid out more line, just enough. It was a real challenge to make it into the Deshka launch as we needed speed to maneuver and just clear either side of the opening. We one the rock side they on the bank without another boat heading out. I learned to be ready to tow and on river its a challenge. These men were anchored in the surging sue after rain we whole trees coming down. I agree to be ready to help.


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