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Fish parts: Sport VS PU

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  • Fish parts: Sport VS PU

    So as to add another "legal" question post, P.U. caught vs. sport caught fish parts for bait. With the exception of a few limited areas(ie; Seward & PWS) it is against the law to use ANY part of a sport caught fish for bait(in Seward you can use pinks and PWS, pinks and chum but they do count against your limit if caught and used the same day). Question is: How many of you use the eggs/head/scraps from your sport caught fish as bait in comparison to the P.U. fish parts? How do the LEOs tell the difference(without actually observing you catch/cut/bait up)?

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    under use of sport-caught fish as bait: "the head, tail, fins, and viscera of legally taken sport fish, may be used for bait or other purposes." I'm sure personal use caught fish are treated the same.

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      You can use any part of a PU fish for bait, though as cited above, for sport-caught fish you may only use the head, tail, fins, and viscera. No idea how a Trooper would approach this, but that's the way the law is written.


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