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  • Be careful out there...

    Two people rescued from K-beach mud at about 11:10 pm with the tide coming in. I was at the south shore of the Kasilof last night, at low tide, around 9 PM and saw how far those flats went out like someone was mentioning in the "Kasiloff" thread.

    While I was there, I watched a 4 wheeler and a dirtbike just putting along way out there in the mud. Was quite surprised seeing that, knowing about the sinky mud, but maybe it has a clay layer enough to support something under all that ooze.

    I've found that these beaches around here are extremely unpredictable... Normally Ninilchik beach is rocky enough to drive on, but one time last winter this guy was stuck up the the door panels in this mud I'd never seen before down there. He was driving almost at the high tide line. Took two big trucks to get him out, it was like he was suctioned cupped. Tide was coming in and didn't think he'd get out. Then his son pulled out a jack out of the truck, a tire jack from under the seat. found a huge flat rock, popped the jack under the front of the truck and started to raise it up out of that clay sticky coal ooze. Got it up far enough, then had the two trucks start to pull. Sure enough it came out.

    For those that get stuck out dipnetting, I'd really recommend trying this if you're in a spot that you can get pulled out without the other person getting stuck too. Once it's jacked up, even throw some rocks, firewood ect under the tires to help get her out.

    Please be careful out there... it doesn't take long for that channel to fill up. You never know how the mud may feel that day.

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