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O" Brien Creek Trail updates?

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  • O" Brien Creek Trail updates?

    Just curious if anyone has been out the O' Brien Creek Trail this year? Are people still able to take ATVs out to the Tunnel?



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    Made a quick run in yesterday the trail is about the same as always. I made it to the other side of the tunnel. The spot with the creek and steep rock climb is getting worse. I had to stop and pull a guy up it on the way in, but I was able to climb it coming out without any trouble. The whole time I was in there I was wondering if I could get back up it.

    Fishing is really slow. The guys bobbing down the river at the bridge looked to be doing pretty good but they were way out there


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      I just got back last night. I rode the trail probably twenty times ferrying fish and kids... the trail is easy money unless you fall off...the rock that was mentioned that is about a 4 foot drop is a little tricky. I had a kiddo sit on the front of the wheeler and we went right up every time. with that said, there is a extreme margin for error with severe consequences. I.E, you roll the wheel and your self into the ravine. But the trail overall gets a easy rating. Go slow and careful and all is well. And btw, there was plenty of can am commanders, rangers, rhinos.... I should have taken mine but oh well, good to scout first. And I gps the trail length from Obrien creek right near 5 miles.


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        Thanks for the update. I'm planning on hitting the second run in July, but if it heats up I might make a run down earlier.
        "I'd rather be fishing!"


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