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    I have always used food saver bags for fish but... I recently have been storing long term food in high quality mylar bags. Anyone use these bags for salmon? If so how is it working out?

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    Last year I began using the foil, retort canning, bags for fish storage. I process them the same as I do canning my fish in jars, not for freezing. I put raw salmon in the bag (last year just used tail pieces), with an appropriate amount of salt (1/4 tsp for 8 oz, 1/8 tsp for 4 oz), vacuum sealed them, then pressure cooked them, just like the jars (100 mins at 10 psi). I am very happy with the product I got out of this process, just like canned (shelf stable for up to 5 yrs), but much easier to throw in a pack or whatever.

    The price of the bags would be prohibitive, in my opinion, if you're just freezing your product. To get an appropriate seal that will withstand the pressure cooking process, it is recommended you use a chamber-type vacuum sealer.


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