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  • Copper River Commercial Fishing Reports

    Cumulative sonar count to date is 121,000 fish whereas the anticipated count for this date is 37,000 fish. Preliminary harvest estimate from the 36-hour period that began on Thursday, May 22 was 1,600 Chinook and 216,000 sockeye salmon with an estimated 1,400 deliveries reported. This compares to an anticipated harvest of 109,000 sockeye salmon for this period.

    From Commercial Fisheries News Release #4, Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 2pm.

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    Does anyone know why they are not putting anticipated Chinook numbers on the reports this year? In prior years, that number has typically been listed.


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      Snowcamoman.. have no idea.. do seem like pretty low numbers.. for the first three openings .. 3320...kings


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        I hope fishing game knows what theyre doing.... they seem to be giving pretty liberal fishing times... Thursday is opening is another 36 hours... they seem to be acting like it is a huge run... because the sonar counts are so much more than anticipated.... it may just be an early run 5 or 6 days from now .. when the anticipated is 16 to 18 thousand they may only be getting six to eight thousand.... just a thought its a guessing game


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          Last year at this time the commercial guys had caught 5300 Kings and 583,000 sockeye. Compare that to this years numbers of 2420 Kings and 324,700 sockeye and it's not looking superb for kings. ADF&G shut down the king fishery on the Gulkana last year early and nobody that I know of kept a king off of that river. I think the entire king fishery on the Copper is a knee jerk reaction that moves too late after the fact that the fish were killed in the salt before ever getting to the rivers.


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