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Run of hooligan Susitna?

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  • Run of hooligan Susitna?

    I caught around 400 hooligan down at twenty mile and put it away in the freezer. Well my buddy and his family love them and was not able to come down and get some. So I gave him all of mine but 25 pieces and I want to know if there is a run in or around the Susitna or Little Su. My wife and son love them too, so I would like to capture some more before it is too late. Also if they are running where would I go?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Anyone know of any run of hooligan that run after the run down at twenty mile?


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      Bump does anyone have an idea? I'm sure someone here has an idea of when they run on either the little su or big su.


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        They run up the Big Su very strong. People usually get at them by boat down towards the (Su) banks near the deshka and yetna area. I've heard they get them around the Willow State access, but may be over by now. Kenai in soldotna is another option.


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