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  • Evinrude e-tec 115

    so has anybody had any issues with the e-tec's, specifically the 115's? Last time i did research (2007ish) they were the hot ticket item it seemed. I have now talked to several people that would rather use them as an anchor or halibut weight. don't really want to repower, but if that is what we need to do that is what we need to do. i have twin 115's pushing a 24' aluminum landing craft.

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    If yours are working well, why ask? If they aren't, then it sounds like you've lost confidence.

    You're talking a lot of money to re-power. Guess you need to ask yourself why and how important is it.

    The longer I own an Etec, the more I run into people who either love them or hate them. Hopefully yours are doing well.


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      I agree with HuntKodiak's advice. Wait for failure before repowering. You have two if one fails you have 115hp to limp home on (failure of both motors is unlikely and usually fuel related or battery issue).

      I have a 22' Aluminum landing craft with a single Honda 90hp that planes out. I'd rather have a 115 or better on the back.

      Re the reliability... I know have talked to the the Troopers and a few others running twin 225s who say they have been a headache and are being replaced.

      The Wooldridge crew put a pair of 115s on their 26 Pilothouse model. And I really like the sound of those 115 twins wound up on the video.

      In Kodiak with fuel being so expensive having to buy two stroke oil on top of the fuel bill has gotta hurt but not enough to warrant replacing a set of motors.

      Just run them and see how it goes. Where are your motors regarding their warranty? I seem to recall those etecs carried a long warranty.



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        Just a general question. They are leaving for a road trip to fbks tomorrow to go to the Boat Shop. This will be my first year with them. As soon as they get back from fairbanks, we will finish the hull and wiring issues. Hopefully it will be time to spash it and see how the boat performs. My dad and i just bought the boat a few months ago. I heard one guy here in town bought 2 etecs and 1 spare, and had to completely repower because of some of the issues that he had. But some could just be stories.


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          You might try swinging by Scott at Scott's heating. He has a Kingfisher that was outfitted with twin Etecs (I don't remember what size), and I heard he just repowered with Hondas because of some problems he had with his Etecs. I heard about this a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to talk with him about this yet.


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            Scott would be the one i was talking about that had to repower because of the problems he had with his etec's. If i had $20,000 laying around i would repower, but not until i have a failure of one of the motors.


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              Did he give you any specifics on the problems he had?


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                I havent talked to him myself, just what i've heard from the kodiak rumor mill.


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                  Just had that conversion with a friend this morning less than 29 hours total time but past warranty and $7000 to fix the problem if they do all the work. Blown cylinder


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                    I have over 400 hrs on a 115 I purchased 4 years ago. It has had no issues. I am confident in it.
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                      Originally posted by alaskamokaiman View Post
                      Just had that conversion with a friend this morning less than 29 hours total time but past warranty and $7000 to fix the problem if they do all the work. Blown cylinder
                      How could the engine only have 29 hours and be out of warranty?
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                        3 years old but only 29 hours total time on engines.


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