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ID:	2509494Planning (still) on adding 12-18 inches to the bow of my Seaark24v, would it be better to have the additional piece butt welded to the existing metal or a lap joint? Because the hull is welded at the seam between the sides and bow, I don't have to make complex bends/cuts for the side pieces, so I could do a lap/flange joint if need be. Which one do you think would be stronger?

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    I don't understand how your adding it but I would think a lap is stronger, a but joint could work as good if you use some backing and leave an open root then fuse thru into the backer and tie all 3 pieces together. This would probably be a cleaner looking finished joint
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      why not add to the stern would be alot easier i have done few that way


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        Depends on who is doing the welding as to which joint to use.

        If your looking for height how about a 12" bow rail then have a canvas made to fit the rail.


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          so are you adding length to the boat or bow height???


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            I'm adding to the height. The boat sit relatively low in the water, when I take it to lake erie its not uncommon to take a few over the bow. I plan on removing the current gunnel cap half way back, adding 12-18" in height to the bow and curving the new side height down and into the existing gunnel cap at the back of the addition. Then put the same type cap back on the new side height. I will tie stiiffeners on the side wall to existing ones in the boat. This shoud give me alot more protection from Lake Erie rollers.


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              I had ben at silver streak boats in anchorage put a hole new bottom in my sea ark predator. Did a great job.
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                Given you're just adding height on top of structure, it won't matter; a butt joint will be the easiest to do. The strength comes from the cap and stringers you put on the back and the deck you put on the front. The joint doesn't do much more than keep the water out.

                That said, if I was doing it to my boat, I'd do exactly what ironartist said in post #2. Then I'd put a nice convex curved deck on top of it. And I'd finish it off with a stepped off rail along the interior top edge. I like bulletproof.
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                  Perhaps I am cheap but I would probably just have a rail welded to the front and then put a lexan or similar filler panel in between the the rail and the gunnel cap. Sure some water would still make it through if you dropped the bow but it would deflect probably 95% of it and cost about 1/8th the price.


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