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    I have been shopping around for a new outdrive replacement. I thought I had settled on a Konrad but then I ran across these. It looks pretty reasonable to me. Have any of you guys ever seen, heard of or had experience with these.

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    Several years back there was a boat in Valdez that switch from Volvo outdrives to the simplicity drives and when he got done he was not happy with the results. I guess his boat was to heavy all I know was he lost speed. He ended up selling the boat. There also is another guy that runs a Max Cat and he switch from Volvo Diesels/ outdrives to Arlison Surface drives and Cummins engines. He did not get the performance hewanted either. Your best bet is plug the hole, add a transom bracket and go with outboards.


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      Anonymous I just talked with the guy who had the Arneson Drives in Valdez and he really likes the drives. He has them hooked up to 355 Cummins. His cruise speed at 2100 rpms is 31 Knots and top speed at 2800 rpms 41 Knots. He said that he has not had any problem with the drives in 2 years. All his problems have been with the engines. Also Arneson makes a conversion kit that replaces the Bravo drive or Volvo drives.


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        Thanks Capn, I have`nt made a final decision yet but I`m leaning towards the Konrad out drive. Mostly for the installation ease as it will supposedly bolt right up. The factory tech has been real helpful and they will do some mods to increase the tilt angle to allow beaching and can also offer reconditioned and Navy take outs fairly resonable.
        I filled out the info spec sheet for Simplicity but have`nt heard back yet. I had`nt considered the Arnesen yet so now I will check em out.
        Thanks again


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