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Mercruiser behind a Chrysler???

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  • Mercruiser behind a Chrysler???

    I ended up two complete Chrysler 360 marine engines. The motors are fresh out of the crate have the marine headers, heat exchanger, carb, distributor, starter everything. I got them for nearly free. I would love to hook one to a Bravo Mercruiser I have already and put it in my boat to replace an older Ford 351/OMC combo. Does Mercruiser make all the couplers for Chrysler motors? All I've ever seen is Mercruisers hooked to Chevy's and OMC's hooked to Ford's and some Chev's.
    What would be the best I/O to hook one of these Chryslers to? Yes I can do and plan to do the transom work to adapt to whichever drive is necessary.:confused:

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