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    Howdy - I am looking for a new running canvas top. I am mostly curious about just a short top with or without sides. I have an older (90's) SeaNymph GLS195, but it is similar to a small Hewes with a windshield. I need a clear front, solid top. The biggest problem is that I am on Prince of Wales Island in SE AK, and we have no canvas workers on island, so it might be a possibility to take it to Ketchikan, but would greatly prefer not to due to costs. I am very interested in being able to get one with new poles/hardware without physically moving the boat from POW. I do have a current one that is pretty beat up/leaky. I e-mailed NOMAR in Homer and they said that I could mail them my old one and get one fabricated from those dimensions. However, I would prefer having one that rides lower and my current cover's dimensions catch a bit of wind. I have tried adjusting my poles to get it lower, but either I can't get it lower or it is not taut. I have thought about cutting the poles, but am not sure that would solve my problems, and don't want to cause permanent problems. I am hoping to be able to give specific dimensions to a shop that could fabricate and mail a finished product that I could install.

    This is my biggest need for the upcoming season, I appreciate any thoughts people might have.

    Thanks, Sean

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