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    I have a 21 ft Cobra river boat with a Yamaha 115/80 Jet that has center console steering. To get the motor to turn fairly sharp it takes 2 toll turns on the wheel. I should love to shorten steering to a 1/4 or even 1/2 turn. Any suggestions on where and what I should purchase?<br/><br/>Many Thanks<br/>FYI Iím bring the boat into Anchorage for the winter<br/><br/><br/>Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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    I think Wooldridge came up with a quick turn helm for OB's....? Or stick steering, have you tried a OH Gheezus knob?
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      Two turns lock to lock is pretty fast for a steering wheel that small, perhaps a steering knob would work. On mechanical systems (I'm not familiar with hydraulic), making it 1 turn lock to lock makes your wheel twice as hard to turn, 1/2 a turn lock to lock would be 4 times harder to turn. So keep that in mind.

      Personally, I'd lean towards tiller steering to keep it simple. But it might be as simple as swapping helm units and maybe the cable, but you'll need to research that. Seastar makes a teleflex unit with a 135 degree turn arc, if you do the work yourself, it might just be swapping the helm rotary units and a bit of work to make sure it's tuned exactly where you want it. I'm half tempted to try it for my kicker. Otherwise, you can try calling some of the boat shops in town to see if they'll do the work. Jet Boat Helm link:


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