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Electric Over Hydraulic Mount/Electrical Upgrade

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  • Electric Over Hydraulic Mount/Electrical Upgrade

    I decided to test the breakaway unit on my EOH unit and the switch was bad along with a few connections so I decided it was time to get new batteries as well. The replacement battery kit came with a new single battery and case so I thought I should redo the EOH unit mount to raise everything up higher than the trailer manufacture had since I mostly launch off of Deep Creek. I raised it and added a waterproof junction box with cable glands. It is way overkill but my OCD kicked in. I added weather pack connectors to each electrical device – battery, Breakerite, switch, and GM adapter so if one failed I can simply disconnect and replace. I replaced most of the wire with the flexible tinned wire from Polarwire – its my new favorite man store.

    If you’re in the market it for EOH buy the plug and play models to simplify the wiring. You can build the aluminum bracket similar to mine or you can order a galvanized one way cheaper from Pacific trailers in CA even with shipping.

    Attached are the before and after photos. I thought I would share this just in case someone else is needing ideas. Happy trailering!
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    Kingfisher 2525 Honda 225 & 20

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