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2012 wooldridge SS drifter FNM diesel swap

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  • 2012 wooldridge SS drifter FNM diesel swap

    Finally getting hot and heavy on the winter project gonna be a long winter waiting for the ice to go out.
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    That's going to be a sweet setup. What pump and impeller are you using?


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      I have the H-212 with the close couple and with this diesel I have to run the 3.4 kw impeller.
      Should have it ready to start with no place to go this week.


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        Some questions for you:
        • What engine did you have prior?
        • What was the impetus to go this route?
        • Was this more or less cash than re-powering with the same engine, or similar gas.

        Cant wait to hear some in the water reports.
        Fighting gravity is never cheap.


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          I swapped with a Kem 350 had really low hours so I was able to sell it. So I live in Bethel which is on the kuskokwim river which is a large river with many tributaries that provides excellent jet boating. The kuskokwim however is relatively deep river and I hunt up by McGrath which is 400 miles away so I want the best of both worlds fuel economy and good performance jet boating. I will be able to go three times the distance on a tank of fuel then I was able with the gas and all my stops on the river have fuel accessible to the bank. As far as price it was quite a bit more then a gas engine however when I say it’s more fuel efficient i more wanted the efficiency so I can go farther not really t save a bunch on fuel. And it has more HP and torque then the 350.


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            What HP is that FNM? I put the 300 HPEP in my Bayliner 2859 and have been very happy with results, both in fuel efficiency and speed. Ive only got around 180 hours on her so far over the last 2 summers but so far so good. I doubled my fuel economy which is a heck of a thing when you started at 1 mpg. I hope you have good results.


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              I got the 300 as well Iím hoping to get much better fuel mileage then the 350. My boat is a twenty footer and the 350 would top out around 45 to 46 Iím hoping the diesel does the same or better from the research Iíve done it should with way better fuel economy.


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