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Outboard jet reverse backfit kit

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  • Outboard jet reverse backfit kit

    Hey guys I just picked up a reverse gate backfit kit that I plan on installing on a G pump ran by a 80hp merc. The motor is a 78 and I assume the pump is fairly old as well. My pump had the old style gate with the 5/16 mounting pins. After doing a little research I found something saying the kit cannot be used on old pumps with the 5/16 pins. I am wondering if anyone has experience with these kits/pumps and can give me some pointers or lead me to a write up. I'm thinking if I size the bores in the pump to fit the new pins and come up with a way to secure them it should work? I know I need to remove some of the housing to clear the linkage bolt on the cam. For securing the pins I'm tossing around the idea of drilling and tapping the housing so I can use the set screws to hold the pins, or possibly drilling thru the housing in to the pin and securing with a roll/spring pin. Any ideas/advice/pointers?? Thanks in advance!

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