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  • Tunnel Install price?

    Has anyone had a tunnel installed into their boat? Looking for an approximate cost and recommendations on best place in south central AK to have this done.

    This would be for a 20' Seaark.


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    Gary at Great Land welding is your man.
    He's west of Palmer on the PW hwy.
    BK Marine Services 232-6399
    Alaskas only Planar diesel heaters dealer, service, warranty, and installation.
    Alaskas only Lonestar drum winch dealer, Whirlwind props, Stinger gearbox, and Alumatech airboats.


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      +1 for Gary. Now is a good time to get a boat in for work.


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        +2 on Greatland, good folks to work with!


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          There is a place off of Dimond I WOULD NOT recommend.

          As a result there are a few things I learned about tunnels and assuming we are talking OB jet tunnels.

          The roof of the tunnel needs to flatten out to feed the pump, this doesnt take much to direct the water in the right direction.
          The roof of the tunnel needs to be parallel to the chine, or even uphill 1-2 degrees.

          There are many boat manufactures that have figured this out, easy enough to look at them.
          Outboard jet has some info on their site as to recommended size and shape.
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            I'd go find a newer Wooldridge with a jet tunnel, one that's similar to your SeaArk. Take some pics and measurements. Some guys "think" they got it figured out and just throw a tunnel in a boat as a winter project. It usually doesn't perform as they thought. It's too wide. Too deep, or too long. Or all of the above.
            There's a reason for their design and Wooldridge has it figured out. Theirs work.


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