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location of serial number on outboard if sticker is missing?

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  • location of serial number on outboard if sticker is missing?

    Last fall I bought a new-to-me boat from a friend that had passed away. I have been getting it ready, going thru everything and it is almost done. My insurance company wants the serial number off the outboard but the sticker is missing. The outboard is a 2000 Yamaha four stroke, im not even sure of the HP but believe it to be a 100. is there another # on the engine that i can cross reference to to get the serial number and model number? I did find a QR code on the side of the block and a long number comes up but cannot reference it to anything. Does anybody know how to get the serial and model number?


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    Sounds like a stolen outboard


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      At least its not a little two stroke johnson like you have, "Bob". lol


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        From what I have found, there are no easy to access serial numbers other than the sticker. Which is unbelievable. I at least have pictures of mine but just lost the one on my big motor. I have heard there MAY be a S/ N under the flywheel, but who wants to pull it just to see if it is there. Not one of Yamaha's better ideas. Hopefully someone has more info on this.


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