Merc 25 jet water problems



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  • Merc 25 jet water problems

    Long story short, a buddy ran up on a bar and I got as close I could to help him, sucked up a few small biggy. Started running again, noticed no pee stream. Stopped, poked some wire up there thinking it was plugged. Started running again, look back, nothing. So u left it in gear at an idle, and sucked on the pee stream tube, it began to pee about half of what it was before. Then after about 30 secs of cruising it would stop. Everytime I sucked on it at an idle it would flow weak till I got on step +30 secs or so. Took it home, ensured all lines were clear. Put new pump on, impeller, wear plate etc. took it to the lake, same thing....what the hell. Noticed to everytime it would quit peeing, I would kill it then restart it, it would start peeing weak right after I started it back up..I check the two holes by the bearing that feed the pump, blew from the overboard pisser, and got good air at pick up tube, took thermostat apart..nothing in there. Something I thought was gonna be a no brainier has turned into a headache..any other tricks before I gulp down my pride and take it to the shop. Thanks.

    2006 factory 25 merc 4stroke.

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    water pump in backwards..check or u missed the key.....


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      pull the sideplate just where the water tube comes out of the block. many times there are small pieces of gravel in there that block the tube. you can blow them clear, but the movement of the water moves them back in place soon....
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