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boat canvas supplier in anchorage?

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  • boat canvas supplier in anchorage?

    Looking for a marine canvas supplier in the anchorage area. I have not tried calling any of the custom builders yet.

    I am looking for some pieces to patch up my top to limp it through this summer. I only need a yard or even scrap pieces. Would need to be forest green though.

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    Silver Streak and Busters both carry what you seek.


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      Busters did mine, it seems bomb proof. Told me to to tow with it all up or down, nothing in between. I might try a trip with it down, I would make the rig up time much shorter in Whittier. We can put it up out on the water later.
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        Lugo's has material and resewed all my seams, Potter and C street complex


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          I picked up a yard and a half at Silverstreak. 23/yd. He said it is the best there is. also recommended using 3M 77 adhesive tack spray. I am just trying to make the top last another year before it gets replaced.


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