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Washdown Hose/Pump?

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  • Washdown Hose/Pump?

    Can I get recommendations on washdown hoses/pump installations? I'm just now beginning to look for the right product and, as always, appreciate a poke in the right direction. It is going on a 25' aluminum boat. I have a rear locker that will hold the pump and hose pretty well. I like to avoid holes below the there a model that has a hose that snakes down the transom for the intake or something like that? If so, does it work OK? Just thinking outloud. I do want the hose to put out some good pressure. Will primarily be using it to wash the deck.


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    I had the same concerns when we had our boat built. I really didn't want a thru hull that could potentially fail, but I wanted a wash down that could be used while we were at cruise speeds. We ended up cutting a hole in the bottom of the boat (ouch) and welding a piece of schedule 40 aluminum pipe to the hole vertically. It extends above the water line and the wash down pick up hose is double clamped to it with a shutoff valve. Does that make sense? I don't have a pic of it here, but could take a pic next time I am at the boat if that would help.
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      Makes perfect sense and I like it.


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        Any recommendations on products, manufacturers, models anyone? thanks- Brett


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          I buy a lot of my pump equipment from Live Bait Larry.
          My boat is rigged with 2 pumps. If you want 2 pumps here is my setup.
          With one hole in the hull.

          I have a 1100 gph Rule Dual Port Pump. Here is the link:

          There is one hole in the hull. I have a brass scooped water pick-up. The Rule pump is used for my live bait.
          I have a valve in-line for water flow to the bait tank. I did not want full water pressure to the bait.

          I have a 2nd high pressure water pump. It is plumbed into the dual port on the Rule pump.
          I get water at any time, any speed to 2 pumps.


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            I think you can get an aluminum scoop pick-up welded on for helping get water while running at higher speeds. As we all know Brass and Aluminum do not play well with each other.


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              They also make a heavy plastic one too. Mine is a plastic thru hull in the bottom of the boat and a heavy plastic scoop attached over top of that. Works great at just about any speed.
              As for a pump, get a good one with lots of pressure. Plenty of different brands. I like the once with the quick disconnect lines. Makes it a bit easier to winterize.
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                Originally posted by Bayrunner View Post
                Any recommendations on products, manufacturers, models anyone? thanks- Brett
                I put a Pro Blaster by Shurflo in my 22' SeaRunner a couple of years ago & I like it.

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                  I just installed a problaster as my flojet decided to stop working. Seems like a good pump. Looked all over for a good deal. The internet has pretty good deals but the shipping is expensive. I ended up going to donaldsons to buy shrimp bait and they had a great selection of washdown pumps for about the same price you could find them for online. That's where I got mine.


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                    I bought a Johnson kit from eBay and have been happy with it. Instead of a hole in the boat, I run a garden hose scrap with a paint sprayer mesh filter on it. Wrapped the end with pencil lead and duct tape. We never washdown at speed, so it's worked brilliantly.


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                      Transom pick up

                      No holes in bottom of boat works at any speed
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