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Fiberglass maintance ?

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  • Fiberglass maintance ?

    Ok, so I just got done doing a complete dewax, fix any damaged gel coat, buff and wax on my ocean boat(man what a lot of work that was). Don't think the previous owner did anything but wash it down. How often do you have to buff and wax a fiberglass boat? Is it necessary to buff and wax or is it just a cosmetic thing? Should I wash and wax after every use? I am fairly new to owning a boat and after doing all the work that I have done, I have taken a new pride of ownership that wasn't there before. The boat looks brand new with a mirror like finish and I would like to keep it that way. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Definitely wash as soon as possible after each use, make sure to flush the saltwater out of the engine at the same time if not sooner. You probably will only need to wax once or twice a season, depending on how long the wax holds. Keeping a good thick coat of wax on the boat will help you avoid having to get the buffer out.

    It's not necessary to buff and wax, but it protects the gel coat, makes the boat look much better. And if you don't keep it waxed, or use a sealant, the oxidation will come back.


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      Dull fiberglass oxidation is actually the gelcoat getting tiny cracks and canyons all through out the surface. Polishing levels the surface restoring some shine, and applying a wax followed up by buffing fills in all of the cracks and voids creating a glossy smooth surface.



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        thanks for the response. I always like to do a thorough wash down after each use especially coming from the salt water. How do you know when to wax the boat again? Does the salt water have an affect on the wax itself?


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          If the water doesn't bead up and roll off it needs waxed. For in between wax jobs you can use car wash and wax.


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            Anyone try the poliglo system? I've heard great things !


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              What products did you use for buffing the oxidation out?


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                I use Meguiar's one step compound and marine wax, have had good luck so far. West Marine has lots of other choices.


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