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  • Floor for SeaArk jet tunnel

    Iím hoping to get some insight. Iíve got a brand new Seaark1652MVJT mod vee jet tunnel tiller drive sitting in Wisconsin that I will be driving back to Alaska in late June. Need input on two things...Proís and Conís of a floor and potential installers/suppliers and material. I grew up with water logged rotting wood boat floors and would prefer aluminium diamond plate I thinkÖdid a search and found one thread that mentions 1/8Ē as working.
    I might have the skill but timing with my job and family commitments might make it difficult for me to do the work. I bought the boat thinking Iíd like it as is, but cooler mounting and a stable flat surface might be more desirable in hindsight. Iíve read about using horse stall mat between the ribs and am considering a small section of diamond plate to mount the cooler which will be utilized as a rowing seat for this rig a la Adipose Boat Works but without the hull in front of meónot sure what is feasible in regard to spacing. Also unsure of how much real estate the floor will take up or if it will significantly change the center of gravity.

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    I used to have that exact same boat. No flooring needed. I was able to fit a super large coleman cooler nearly full width and it fit between the ribs just fine. It doubled as a bench, and held 50+ sockeye. Today I have an 1860 MVJT, and again no floor.



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