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outboard jet gurus....... impeller/liner help

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  • outboard jet gurus....... impeller/liner help

    I have a question about what the appropriate liner adn impeller to use on the followong outboard. It is a 55 johnson that has a 5800 rpm power pack boison reed valves and overbored wiseco pistons. It has the large size jet. The 6 7/8 was too much wheel so should i try the 6 5/8. What is the proper method for figuring this out or is it trial and error?? Should I call outboard jet in california?? ANy help gretly appreciated. Thanks

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    If it were me I would go see Gary at Greatland Welding in Palmer. I don't know a darn thing about the boat I just got, but I went up there and he let me loiter in his lot, put my jet on, told me what was right and what was wrong, and when we had a question "he" call outboard jets for the answer. It is amazing the service that someone gets when they make large orders often. I am not saying that they person on the phone wouldn't help you, but I am saying that Gary might get you squared away, patch your boat later, deal with your insurance, and give you confidence to do a little work on your own. Outboard Jets website is pretty good though, and there's lots of info there, I don't see why the operator couldn't help you. Good luck.



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      rosscoak, What is your top RPM wide open with the 6 7/8 impeller? Glen


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        glen w ,..... with the 6 7/8 liner , the engine was bogging down. not sure the top rpm number but obviously it wasn't too high. And that was with an unlimited power pack. So he put in a 5800 rpm power pack and suggested I get a 6 5/8 liner and impeller. So that is where I am at...waiting to buy the appropriate size impeller and liner. I do not have any impeller/liner in the jet at this time. Thanks!


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          Outboard jet in San Leandro would be the first ones to ask, its their pump and its what they do.
          Also you really need a tach so you know what your max rpm is at.
          A seat of the pants method would be to start trimming off some of the 6-7/8 impeller on the top side, OB jets does this for the 175 Opti's running the super pump.
          It sounds like you have traded the 6-7/8" back to a dealer? Will he let you try the smaller Impeller? You will know in a heartbeat if its right..........!
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            THanks for all the input. I Called the gal at OB jet in SL California, gave her all the info off the engine and the jet unit. She said the only tested and suitable impeller is a 6 5/8 CUTBACK impeller b/c the unit is just a 2 cyl and that is why I need the cutback impeller. thanks again!! Great to call and get fast help and someone who knows what they are talking about.


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              Mike Frank at Channel motors is an interesting character (where you bought your motor from). Another unique Juneau boating fellow is Bill Tanner at Tanners Service center. More likely than not Bill has a liner and impeller in stock just waiting for you. Also make sure the leading edge of the impeller is sharpened and that it is shimmed properly that greatly affects performance.



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