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  • Transom Riser

    Was wondering if anyone has installed a transom riser on an inflatable boat. So the boat could use a long shaft motor. If so what did you fabricate out of and if you could post some pics. thanks

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    How far up do you have to move it ?


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      the inflatable is built for a 15in short shaft motor and the motor i got has a 20in long shaft motor.


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        My first boat was a 17' Avon inflatable and the motor was a 55hp Mariner long shaft I bought new to go on it. I took some measurements, scrfibbled out a design and had someone weld 1/8" aluminum plate into what basicaly was a "U", squared rather than rounded of course, which slipped down over the transom, I cut an appropriate size piece of wood to use for a core. Bolted it all to the transom and used it for many years. Later I sold that boat and purchased a 16" Jon boat and mounted the same motor onto it. A couple years later i installed a jet pump onto the motor and once again had to utilize a transom height adapter... did the exact same thing with many years of service and never an issue.

        Note that both times I bolted the motor to the transom and made the adapter long enough that all four bolts went through it.


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          I was thinking of making the same kind of riser you did. I might use 3/16" thick aluminum though. What type of wood did you use for a filler and how far should I make the riser overlap down the transom. thanks


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            The overlap was deep enough that the lower bolts passed through it, so , four bolts to mount the motor with all passing through the adapter. The wood was a 2x6 ripped to fit and treated with a preservative.


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              Done it twice since my kickers where long shaft, a pcs of diamond plate aluminum and 3/4" plywood. I put the plywood up to the transom and marked the line. Cut out the plywood till I had the same thickness as transom, Gorillia Glued them together, sanded and painted it, could use marine plywood, I didn't. Took the diamond plate and had it broke in a u shape to cover the plywood, drilled out to mount. It lasted 6 years I had and my friends who bought the boat still is using.
              All I had to do was to unbolt to return to short shaft. Can't find my photos.


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