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  • Lewmar Profish 700

    Bought this windlass last year but used the 5/8" rode that I already had. This spring I found a great deal at Overtons on 600 ft + 15 ft of chain for about 300 bucks. Just got back from two days on the water out of Seward and the problem I have encountered is that it releases really good but when I try and raise the anchor windlass will not tighten up enough to engage the takeup spool. I have to go up front and use the clutch nut lever to tighten the clutch enough to engage the take up spool.

    Any thoughts?:question:

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    You didn't mention the size of your new rode or what size of gypsy you have.

    I just ordered a 700 profish which comes with a 503 gypsy, which is for 1/2" rode. My assumption would be that if I used 5/8" rode, it would wear the gypsy enough that going back to 1/2" would not work as well.


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      Yes ... using 5/8th probably screwed up the self tightening feature, I probably need to repair it .... I bought 600 ft of 1/2 inch rode this spring.

      Here is what Lewmar had to say

      "Thank you for contacting Lewmar.

      First the hole that is in that windlass is the exact same size as a drive socket, which you can find at any hardware store in the US, you probably have an extra lying around. This also has the added benefit of having the ratcheting mechanism inside the handle itself.

      Second you would need to get the windlass to one of our service centers to have it looked at.

      It sounds like an issue with the threads on either the shaft or cap.

      If they were screwed up some how that would prevent the cap from seating properly against the gypsy, preventing it from retrieving the anchor.

      The closest service center to you is Miller & Miller Boat yard (206-285-5958) in Seattle Wa.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.



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        This sounds like a situation where you might want to try to fix it yourself or find an AK guy who can. I wonder if you you took it apart if you will be able to see what parts may be damaged.

        Good luck


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