Diamond Plate Boat Floor Basics?



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  • Diamond Plate Boat Floor Basics?

    Hello All

    I'm working on putting a diamond plate floor in a hewes renegade and taking out the old waterlogged wood floor. I have searched the net and archives pretty hard but am not really finding the basics of what I need to have and know before jumping in.

    So any help on the following topics would be appreciated.

    Plate thickness?
    How to fasten it to the supports? (Screws/ welding/ etc)
    Sound dampening ideas?
    Flotation foam replacement?
    How far of a span will each thickness support without warping/feeling spongy?
    Sources for materials (Alaska Steel and Fastenal have most of what I need it seems)
    Tips on installation, how to avoid mistakes etc.

    Thanks in Advance folks

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    Might be something on this sight your looking for.


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      Thanks for the link, it definitely looks as though I'm not alone in this model with sodden floors and flotation foam. I tore up the floor quickly on Friday and the back two panels are HEAVY. Unfortunatley, it seems the foam is also pretty wet, but it's encased in two long aluminum boxes along the keel and must be sprayed in as there is only three 6x8 inch windows to access them....going to call Hewes today to get the scoop on the best/sane way to remove and replace this stuff, I'd rather not rip up this floor for a long time and want to do it right the first time.

      But still, there has got to be somebody among you boat nuts that have done this same kind of project....any tips from those who have been there and done that?



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        Check out the Hewescraft Owners Forum - there's a least one post with pics of a guy who did this very same thing. Good luck!




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          Spray the bottome side with rino line for sound dampening and watch out for slick floors once installed. I have seen more than one person bust his butt on slippery diamond plate floors.
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            I assume your going to be using your boat on salt water if so, I would suggest you make sure you protect the floor from corrosion.


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              For sound dampening I was looking at putting truck canopy tape on all the ribs etc. and luckily, this thing only runs Nushagak bay, which barely registers any salinity no matter the tide, but that is certainly a good thing to keep in mind for other applications.


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                If truck canopy tape holds water that may not be a good idea, just donít know in your case.


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                  I've done this before, so here are my tips:

                  Use 3/16'" material or thicker. It depends on the spans of your bracings.
                  If your spans are 24", you might think about welding in more floor bracing.
                  Before you install the new floor, apply a generous bead of silicone to all contact points and allow to dry out some before you put in the new floor. This will quiet the new floor.
                  Use the screws you removed from the original floor to install the new floor.
                  Throw away all waterlogged foam floatation and if you put in new foam, make sure it is closed cell foam.


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